About us

Who We Are

PTC – Public transport consult is one of the leading consultancies in Serbia and Balkan region in the field of planning, designing, technology, organization and management of urban transport systems.

We are experienced in developing services of combined mobility in order to create balanced transport systems, in which the productive, technical, economic and energy efficiency raised to the optimum.

PTC is specialized in transport-related researches covering all modes of transport and various research fields (engineering, economics, organization, management, legislation, etc), and especially in the field of studies, planning, project and technical documentation. These include research of transport demands and supply, fleet management and fleet renewal optimization, vehicle exploitation characteristics, traffic flow characteristics, examination of passenger and cargo flows, investigation of users’ behavioural characteristics, climate-friendly transport, development of analytical and simulation models in transport and traffic, transport and environment, preparation of feasibility studies and PPP projects, development of expert systems, benchmarking of transport systems, ICT application in transport, development and application of IoT and IoV technologies, education of staff, etc.

We value our partners

PTC sets the highest professional and ethical standards in the focus of all its activities. We behave with moral and intellectual integrity; we keep our word, treat all associates and partners with respect and accept diversity. We take care of individuals and their progress, promote and appreciate experts from different profiles because we believe that an interdisciplinary approach brings great ideas, new energy and best solutions.

Our strength is our ability to adapt to the culture of the client in the local markets. The PTC focus is based on the applicability of solutions in real systems, which enables us to better serve our customers by extending our offer, expertise and long-term cooperation. We carefully follow the trends in order to offer our clients innovative ideas in order to fulfil their own business goals.

PTC makes extraordinary efforts to attract and engage the best experts in the field of transport engineering because it makes us great. All solutions are based on the vision, knowledge and experience of a large number of international experts. Our experts have proven professional and scientific experience gained in a number of projects implemented in real transport systems.


The methodology of our work implies the application of systemic approach in problem-solving, research and information from existing local transport systems, the consideration of complex problems from different aspects, analysis and application of positive practice; all in order to find a solution that breaks the paradigms.

All our solutions are applicable, thanks to the understanding of the planning, design, and exploitation processes in complex transport systems. PTC experts have significant experience in the field of finance and institutional issues and their interfaces with available budgets. The methodological approach enables our clients to make progress in a sustainable way.

We embrace change and have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence and we aim to be a home of business, quality and trust our clients.